Children Walking Boots Custom

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Children walking boots are a popular type of footwear for kids who enjoy hiking, walking, or other outdoor activities. These boots are designed to provide comfort, support, and protection to children’s feet during extended periods of walking or hiking.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for it is fit. It is crucial to choose boots that fit well to prevent blisters or other foot problems. Look for boots that provide a snug fit around the ankle and have a roomy toe box to allow for natural toe movement. It is also important to choose boots that are appropriate for the child’s age, size, and activity level.

Support and stability are also important factors when choosing children walking boots. Look for boots with sturdy, non-slip soles that provide good traction on a variety of surfaces. The boots should also have a supportive midsole to help absorb shock and prevent foot fatigue during long walks. Some boots also feature ankle support, which can help prevent injury and improve stability while walking.

Breathability is another important factor to consider when shopping for it. Look for boots made from breathable materials such as mesh or Gore-Tex to allow air to circulate and prevent the feet from getting too sweaty or overheated. This can help prevent discomfort and odor.

Finally, consider the style and design of the boots. it come in a range of styles, from classic hiking boots to more casual styles. Choose a style that suits the child’s needs and preferences. Some boots also feature fun patterns or colors, which can add a touch of personality to the child’s outfit.

In summary, children walking boots are an essential type of footwear for kids who enjoy hiking, walking, or other outdoor activities. When shopping for children walking boots, consider factors such as fit, support, stability, breathability, and style. With the right boots, kids can stay comfortable and protected during long walks and hikes, making outdoor adventures more enjoyable and fun.

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Outdoor Activies

Place of Origin



Boots for Children

EUR Size

35, 36, 39, 38, 40, 41, 37, 32, 33, 34


Outdoor Occasion

Lining Material






Model Number



CUSHIONING, Fashion Trend, EVERGREEN, Sweat-Absorbant, Light Weight, Round, Steel Toe, Thermal, Waterproof, Breathable, Anti-Slippery, Anti-slip, ARCH SUPPORT, Anti-Static, Quick-Drying, Hard-Wearing




200 Pairs


Kids Boots


Ali Trade Assurance


1 Pair /box

Product name

Outdoor Boots

Outsole Material

Rubber, EVA


Winter, Spring, Autumn

Upper Material

Microfiber Leather

Midsole Material




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