Fishing Wading Boots BOA with Replaceable Soles

  • FELT SOLE WADING BOOTS: The Adults felt wading boot provides the trusted support and traction to help you negotiate slick, uneven river bottoms. These boots feature a textile and synthetic lace-up upper. Studs sold separately.
  • NEOPRENE LINING: These felt soles shoes have a neoprene lining. This lining enables you to easily slide these boots on or off.
  • 12MM FELT OUTSOLE: These felt bottom fishing boots are designed with a 12MM felt outsole. This outsole is stud-compatible giving fishermen a firm grip over slippery riverbeds, lake bottoms, and algae-covered rocks.
  • DURABLE RUBBER TOE CAP: We designed these wading boots with a durable rubber toe cap. When walking across rocky, slippery, uneven terrain these rubber caps will come in handy. This thick toe acts as protection for toes and feet, no more stubbing your toes on sharp, unseen rocks or underwater tree trunks.
  • WADING FOOTWEAR CARE: If using these wet wading boots in saltwater always clean and rinse them to prevent corrosion. Use an old vegetable brush or toothbrush to remove dust and dirt. For maximum thoroughness, remove the laces before cleaning. Use specialized boot cleaner, saddle soap or a mild dishwashing soap with luke-warm water. Do not use bar soap or detergents. Do not place wet boots close to a heat source. Always air-dry.

Fishing Wading Boots BOA with Replaceable Soles

These fishing wading boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable on your next trip to the river. They have Cordura material and synthetic leather with high durability against tearing, friction, and wear is adopted forCordura material and synthetic leather with high durability against tearing, friction, and wear is adopted for the upper part.

It can ensure comfortable wearing comfort in various outdoor conditions such as fishing, hunting and travel to long-distance expedition.The fishing wading boot is designed for effective protection against slimes, sticks, burrs and other obstacles in the lake.

The boots feature high durability against tearing, friction and wear which are essential requirements for this kind of work.These wading boots featuring Cordura material and synthetic leather upper for high durability and stability was designed for the anglers who spend a lot of time in the water.

The outsole is made of high-strength dense rubber, which makes them durable and comfortable to wear.These fishing wader boots are made with a thick puncture-resistant and thermal insulating layer, which is significantly more durable than standard winter boots.

Place of originFUJIAN,CHINA
StyleOutdoor shoes
Size EUCustomization
SeasonThe four seasons
Applicable toAll people
MOQ200 pairs

Fishing Wading Boots

  • Description
  • Ideal for fly fishing
    -Super tough construction
    -Cordura material and synthetic leather with high durability against tearing, friction, and wear is adopted for the upper part
    -Felt coated steel spikes sole
    -Increased flexibility from mid cut finish
    -Custom fit from Velcro tab and closure

Proper fishing shoes that are breathable and quick to dry with grippy soles for excellent slip-resistant protection will improve your overall experience. So, instead of wearing clunky old boots or casual athletic sneakers, you’re going to want to invest in footwear made of mesh or a rubber-like material with draining capabilities. Here, in an effort to help you find the best shoe for your needs, we did our research and rounded up a few of our favorite styles on the market for men.

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