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If you’re serious about fishing, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of money on all the gear you think you need: rods, hooks, lures, reel, fishing line, sunscreen, waterproof outer layers, crate-full of fishing snacks – you name it. But many of us forget about an absolute fisherman’s essential: a good pair of fishing shoes.

Unlike a normal pair of boots or trainers, fishing shoes are designed with breathability and ease of movement in mind. They’re intended for getting wet, and many are even designed for submersion in water. A quality pair of fishing shoes can reduce your risk of an accident when you’re out on the water.

Of course, there are many different types of fishing, and you can expect to find suitable shoes for each occasion. If you’re wade fishing, fly fishing, deep-sea fishing or relaxing at the side of a river, there’s a fishing shoe for you. Most fishing shoes are quick-dry, helping to keep your feet as warm and comfortable as possible during a long day in the outdoors.

Whether you’re after the best boat shoes for boat fishing, or you want a pair of sandals that will keep you comfortable while you wade in the water, we’ve covered all of our top picks below in this best fishing shoes guide.

Why Do I Need Fishing Shoes?

You may think a pair of basic trainers will suffice for fishing – and in some cases, it will!

However, as you get more serious with your angling, you’ll realize just how important having the right footwear is. Special-designed water shoes have a handful advantages over regular shoes or sandals.

  • Some are waterproof – Several of the models in this guide will allow you to keep your feet dry even though you submerge them in water. This is something you’ll be thankful for on a cold winter day.
  • Quick-Dry functionality – Fishing regularly? with quick-dry functionality you’ll never have to come back to find your fishing shoes still wet and soggy from your last trip to the river. This also helps with bad smell immensely (no wet dog smell allowed!)
  • Solid non-slip sole – When things get wet, they get slippery too. Evidently, a lot of water is going to be involved when we’re fishing, so maintaining a safe and strong grip on the surface you’re standing on is paramount to your own safety. This is something many regular trainers don’t offer to the same extent.

What Type of Fishing Shoes To Get

As with anything, footwear for fishing comes in a variety of different types and styles.

Some will favor certain scenarios and weather conditions over others. Different fishing shoe types include:

  • Boat shoes
  • Wade shoes
  • Fishing sandals
  • Slip-on water shoes
  • Fishing boots

If you’re fishing in hot weather conditions, you may want to opt for a light fishing shoe, whether it be a trainer-like boat shoe, slip-ons or sandals. The most important thing here is comfort, grip and breathability.

If you’re fishing in colder conditions, a solid, thick and waterproof footwear solution is ideal. For this, you want something that doesn’t let too much heat out, while making sure it doesn’t allow water in either. We’ve all tried getting wet feet in the cold and that’s just asking to get sick.

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