The introduce of safety shoes

The materials of safety shoes


PU material

PU (polyurethane) is between the advantages and disadvantages of natural leather and PVC leather. It is easy to produce, large in quantity, and has certain moisture absorption and air permeability. The disadvantage of PU is that it is not easy to deform, difficult to shape, and has little expansion. At present, the soles of protective shoes and safety shoes are generally made of PU material.


Canvas material

Canvas material has good expandability and softness, and is generally used to make vulcanized sports shoes.


Nylon cloth material

Nylon cloth is currently mainly used in sports shoes, which has the characteristics of high softness, light weight, moisture absorption and heat preservation.


Natural leather material

There are many types of natural skins, usually cowhide, pig skin, horse skin, sheep skin, shark skin, etc. Natural leather has the advantages of very good air permeability, softness, and moisture absorption, but its biggest disadvantage is the high price of the material, so the price of safety shoes made with it is naturally higher.


Various PVC leather materials

The output of PVC leather is large, the product is easy to control, and the price is low; its shortcomings are poor moisture absorption, easy to deform, and not resistant to high temperatures.

Custom safety shoes size

Safety shoes and general casual shoes have different size standards. When choosing, you can choose the right size by measuring the size of your feet.

There are two ways to measure
Physical measurement method: The correct posture must be adopted when measuring: 1. Stand with your legs parallel (do not sit or squat); 2. The weight is divided equally on your feet. Then measure, place your feet flat on a piece of white paper, step on the ground firmly, use a pen to point out the widest point on the left and right, and then use the front and back 2 points to find the longest point. Finally, connect the front and rear 2 points and the left and right 2 points to make the correct foot length and width. (Note: both feet must be measured, and take the maximum value)

Calculation formula method:
Safety shoes shoe size calculation formula: (shoe size +10) X0.5 = (theoretical longer) cm Example: such as 42 size shoes. (42+10) X0.5=26cm.

Custom safety shoes as your style

According to the protective performance of the shoes, the classification of labor protection shoes is mainly anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, insulating shoes, anti-smashing shoes, anti-piercing safety shoes, acid-proof shoes, oil-proof shoes, non-slip shoes, anti-piercing shoes, Special shoes such as cold-proof shoes and waterproof shoes. As a professional manufacturer of labor insurance shoes, we can customize a safety shoes suitable for you according to your requirements.

1. Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes
It is used to prevent accidents caused by static electricity on the human body. Among them, conductive shoes can only be used in places where the risk of electric shock is not high. In order to ensure the effect of eliminating static electricity on the human body, the bottom of the shoes must not be stuck with insulating impurities, and it is not suitable to wear high Insulated socks.

2. Insulated shoes
It is used for the protection of electrical workers to prevent electric shock accidents within a certain voltage range; insulated shoes can only be used as auxiliary safety labor protection products, and the mechanical properties must be good.

3. Anti-smashing shoes
The main function is to prevent falling objects from hurting the feet. The front toe cap of the shoe has impact-resistant material.

4. Anti-acid and alkali shoes
It is used in the workplace where there are acid and alkali and other corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali splashing on the ground. The bottom and skin of acid and alkali resistant shoes must have good acid and alkali resistance and permeability resistance.

5. Anti-puncture shoes
It is used to protect the soles of the feet and prevent being stabbed by various hard objects.

6. Steelmaking shoes
The main function is to prevent soup and puncture cuts, resist a certain static pressure and temperature, and is not flammable.

7. Oil-proof shoes (boots)
Used in places where oil or oil splashes on the floor.

8. Cold-proof shoes (boots)
It is used to protect the feet of low-temperature workers to avoid frostbite. Cold-proof shoes (boots) are divided into two types: no heat source and with heat source. The former are cotton shoes and fur shoes (boots), and the latter are thermal shoes (boots), which usually use fuel (such as oil, carbon) and electric heat as the heat source.

9. Waterproof shoes (boots)
It is used in work sites where ground surface water or splashing water is used. The varieties include industrial and mining waterproof shoes, salt flat shoes, aquatic boots, rice transplanting boots, etc. These boots require wear resistance, slip resistance, and puncture resistance. The rubber materials of aquatic and salt flat boots must also be resistant to salt corrosion.

Custom print on safety shoes

The logo of labor insurance shoes generally uses a metal printer, which can print color photo-level printing on the metal surface, and can print color patterns,logo, text, etc and the pattern can be set in the computer at will. Abandoning the traditional screen printing requires a lot of manual color printing.

The metal printing machine, whether it is a simple block-color pattern or a full-color pattern, can be printed at one time, without plate making, printing and repeated color registration. The color is bright and rich, the effect is realistic, the image is waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, No fading, simple and convenient operation, fast printing image speed, fully conforms to the printing industry standard, metal color printing machine can be widely used in silk screen special printing industry, gift processing industry, signage industry, decoration industry, personalized printing industry. The application field is very wide.

As a professional manufacturer, we also warmly welcome OEM and ODM orders. If you are interested in safety shoes, please feel free to contact us at any time! We can custom the print as your require.

How to choose labor insurance shoes?

1. Shoe type: (abbreviated as: model), that is, the length and width of the shoe, and whether the width and tightness of the shoe body are just right for the foot.

2. Upper: Whether the softness of the leather is natural and comfortable when walking
3. Shoe state: Can the entire shoe state stick to your feet without hitting your feet, loose and not take off, and full of flexibility.

4. Inner cushion: Whether the structure of vibration aid function, sweat absorption function, massage function and health care function is correctly adopted.

5. Inside: Whether the materials with ventilation function, waterproof function, heat preservation function and environmental protection function are correctly selected.

6. Shoe soles: use different levels of configuration substrates and anti-skid requirements for regions and various environments. For example, relatively non-slip, lightweight substrates are used in good environments, with outstanding vibration damping functions. The outdoor site environment uses reinforced non-slip, wear-resistant substrates, which can withstand use in harsh environments.

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